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South Dakota Condo Insurance Coverage

Condo Insurance in South Dakota

Many people think that because they pay insurance as part of the condo association fees, that their condo is protected against loss. However, your association insurance does not protect you against theft, injury to visitors or delivery persons, and some kinds of internal damage to your property. Our agents at Wilcoxon Insurance, Inc. of Sioux Falls, SD understand the needs of customers who live in condominiums and other types of multiple residential buildings.

Most condo association insurance policies cover very specific damages to the interior of your condo. They will usually cover roof damage, and water leaks that occur at doors or windows. However, many policies are written so that if you replace something original in the condo, it is no longer covered. Typically, there is no coverage for your possessions. So, especially if you are a collector, you will need additional insurance. If you have damages caused by fire or plumbing blockages, you may or may not be covered depending on the cause of the damage. Another problem is most condo association insurance has specific limits on payouts. If your condo suffers harm that is more than the insurance will pay, that extra expense comes out of your pocket.

Condo insurance can also help you cover lodging expenses if you must live outside of your condo while repairs are being conducted. Most condo association policies don't include this except for wall or roof damage. You can also add coverage for medical costs if someone falls or is hurt in your condo. At Wilcoxon, we can also provide coverage if a neighbor damages your condo, and they have no insurance to repair the damage.

As you can see, condo insurance is vital in maintaining your wealth and property for the future. Give us a call today at Wilcoxon Insurance, Inc. of Sioux Falls, SD, and our agents will be glad to provide you with an estimate that fits your budget.

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