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Motorcycle Riding Risks and Recommended Insurance

Motorcycle Risks and Insurance in Sioux Falls, SD

At Wilcoxon Insurance, Inc., we’re aware of the potential driving risks associated with motorcycles. We strongly advise all riders to exercise caution on the road and consider obtaining the recommended insurance coverage.

Training and Licensing

Before setting out on your two-wheeled endeavor, undergoing training for a license is critical. It’s less about the formality and more about understanding the road safety rules specific to motorcycles. This knowledge can also potentially lower your premium costs.

Customizing Your Coverage

With your motorcycle license in place, you’d want to visit us next. Why? Our team of experts is here to tailor an insurance policy that buffers you against any unexpected incidents.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Sioux Falls, SD offers scenic adventures at Spearfish Canyon, Central Hills Loop, and The Native American Scenic Byway. However, the exhilarating rides with unpredictable turns, elevation changes, and crowded trails can pose substantial risk. The potential for risk is real, whether it’s a crash or an accident involving another individual.

Choosing Comprehensive Coverage

Ensuring that your insurance coverage extends beyond your needs is crucial. Whether it’s potential damage to your bike, property damages, or even injuries to others, adequate coverage, like liability insurance, can be beneficial.

Additional Coverage Options

In addition to basic coverage, consider exploring mid and high-tier medical policies, especially if you often carry a passenger. Though these policies may cost more, they provide necessary protection. Given the size and ease of theft of motorcycles, we also recommend considering theft, repair, and loss insurance.

Navigating the World of Motorcycle Insurance

Understanding all these nuances of motorcycle insurance right away might seem overwhelming. Don’t worry, we at Wilcoxon Insurance, Inc., serving Sioux Falls, SD, are here to guide you. So, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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