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The Complexities of Your Car Insurance Policy

Finding an excellent car insurance policy can be a complicated process for many people. We at Wilcoxon Insurance Inc. have worked with many Sioux Falls, SD residents who don’t quite understand the complexities of this process and need help managing this situation properly. 

Policy Costs May Significantly Vary

Looking at an insurance policy with its many payment terms can be pretty confusing. Thankfully, the three most important terms are surprisingly easy to understand and include:

  • Premiums – These consist of your monthly payments. 
  • Deductibles – These include what you pay before your policy kicks into play.
  • Copays – Anything you have to pay for your coverage with your provider.

These cost factors vary based on your policy and may change if you tweak them. For instance, changing your premiums to a higher level will decrease your deductibles. Therefore, consider these factors before you buy a policy.

Insurance Types Vary 

When choosing insurance, you may see a lot of types that don’t make sense to you. Just a few options you may consider include:

  • Liability coverage for accidents 
  • Uninsured motorist protection against other drivers 
  • Medical insurance for other riders 
  • Collision and comprehensive policies for repairs 
  • Personal injury protection for any injuries in a crash 
  • Gap policies to cover loan costs 
  • Accident forgiveness to minimize your accident penalties 

Understanding these coverage options makes it easier to choose those that make the most sense for you. So make sure you work with your agent to minimize confusion here.

Coverage is Available for You 

At Wilcoxon Insurance Inc., we can help Sioux Falls, SD area residents get the high-quality coverage necessary to keep their car safe. So please contact us today to learn more. Our experts will do what they can to make sure that you are happy with your coverage options as a person.

How Does Auto Insurance Protect Me?

If you own a vehicle in Sioux Falls, SD, you understand that auto insurance is mandatory, but do you know how auto insurance protects you? When you purchase auto insurance from Wilcoxon Insurance Inc., here is how it protects you.

Liability protection

Almost all states in the US require drivers to include liability coverage in their auto insurance. And even in those states that don’t need auto insurance, you are still compelled to cover damages and injuries that you cause to other people.

When you purchase auto insurance with liability coverage, it covers damage costs, medical expenses, and legal suits for losses and injuries you cause to other persons. 

Assets protection

Liability covers other people and not you or your vehicle. Including comprehensive and collision coverages in your auto insurance ensures that you get compensation for physical damage to your car when accidents and non-collision perils like fire, theft, vandalism, and hail occur. 

Personal injury protection (PIP)

PIP is a no-fault coverage that protects you and your passengers when accidents occur. It pays for medical expenses, including hospitalization, X-rays, medications, and surgeries for injuries suffered in a vehicular accident.

Besides, this coverage pays for partial loss of income and final expenses for you and your passengers following an auto accident. 

Underinsured/uninsured motorist protection

While motor insurance is mandatory in South Dakota, it’s not uncommon to encounter irresponsible motorists who carry no insurance. Unfortunately, uninsured drivers leave many uncovered expenses for accidents they cause. 

However, when you have this coverage, medical costs and property damages you suffer when you collide with a less responsible motorist are well covered. Additionally, this insurance protects you in hit-and-run situations where the other motorist at fault goes unidentified. 

Auto insurance in South Dakota

Having seen how auto insurance protects you, it’s time to take the next step and buy auto insurance from Wilcoxon Insurance Inc. Contact us today for a competitive quote.

When to review your auto policy

For most people, an auto policy is not something you think about unless you need to file a claim. Most policies renew yearly, and they include a declaration that lists all the important facts about your policy. At Wilcoxon Insurance, Inc. in Sioux Falls, SD, we are an independent agency that strives to tailor our policy suggestions to our customers’ needs. We have partnered with a selection of top carriers. 

When you receive your auto insurance renewal, review the declaration. It lists the drivers on your policy, the vehicles, the level of liability coverage, other included coverages, and the deductible amount. This is a common time to review your policy. Do you have enough liability coverage? If your assets have increased since you first got the policy, this is covered carefully. Think about the reality of having an accident where you are at fault and the injuries that could result. Is your coverage adequate? 

When you make your last auto payment, you may want to review your auto policy. How old is your vehicle? How much value does it have? Is keeping collision and comprehensive coverage the right thing to do? 

When you need to remove a car, add a driver, or make any change to your auto policy, it is a good opportunity to take the time to review your policy. 

When you notice an increase in your auto insurance premium, you may want to review your auto policy with your agent. Are you taking advantage of all the discounts available to you? Are you getting a multi-policy discount?  Do you need to keep additional coverages you may have? Can you get a better deal with a different carrier? An agent like those at Wilcoxon Insurance, Inc. in Sioux Falls, SD can help you find a perfect policy for you. 


Three ways to learn more about your auto insurance options

Doing your research is vital for finding the best option for any insurance need. Auto insurance is no exception. Wilcoxon Insurance Inc. provides auto insurance policies for motorists in South Dakota.

If you’re looking for the right auto insurance solution, it’s essential to be aware of your options. The following are three great ways to learn about your auto insurance options in Sioux Falls, SD. 

The Internet

There is plenty of information online about auto insurance. You can use the internet to get quotes on various policies. You can also use the internet to research important insurance terms you need to understand. 

Auto insurance company representatives

Auto insurance companies have representatives available by phone and online to provide information about the policies they provide. If you have any questions about auto insurance, it’s a good idea to question a representative from an insurance provider that you are interested in purchasing coverage from.

It’s important to ask questions that you have before purchasing an auto insurance policy. Asking questions ensures that you fully understand the policy you’re getting. This helps you to make the right decision regarding your auto insurance coverage. 

Your state DMV

When you purchase auto insurance, it’s important to know what requirements are enforced in your state.

Every state sets its own requirements about what types of liability coverage you need in your policy. You could face penalties if you don’t carry an auto insurance policy that meets these requirements. 

Consult your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to familiarize yourself with what auto insurance requirements you need to meet in your state. 

You can visit our Wilcoxon Insurance Inc. website to explore auto insurance options in Sioux Falls, SD. Get in touch with us to learn more about your policy options. 

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