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Auto Insurance Riders to Customize Your Coverage

Like other types of insurance, auto policies offer riders, also called endorsements. Common endorsements include accident forgiveness and roadside assistance coverage. This blog considers the available endorsements available to a Sioux Falls, SD policyholder from Wilcoxon Insurance Inc. 

Riders That Don’t Sit in Your Vehicle 

When we mention insurance riders, we refer to a policy endorsement or scheduled item. These terms mean specific coverage added to a basic policy. It adds a little bit to the monthly premium cost but proves worth it if you ever need it – whatever it is. Auto insurance riders vary by carrier, but the 14 most common endorsements include: 

  • Accident forgiveness, which forgives your first accident incurred while covered by the policy, so your premium doesn’t increase
  • New car replacement coverage, which replaces your totaled vehicle with a new car of the same make and model
  • Rideshare coverage, a type of gap coverage, also referred to as transportation network driver coverage, covers what your personal auto insurance and the rideshare company’s coverage do not.
  • Roadside assistance coverage provides emergency assistance when you have a flat tire, the vehicle breaks down, or the battery dies.
  • Business use, to cover your occasional use of your vehicle for business
  • Custom equipment, which covers your aftermarket changes to the vehicle
  • Gap insurance, which covers your auto loan if the vehicle gets totaled before you pay it off
  • Limited Mexico coverage, which lets you drive your vehicle in Mexico under appropriate insurance conditions
  • Low-speed vehicle to cover your golf cart under your auto policy
  • Named driver exclusion lets you exclude an individual in your household from coverage under the auto policy
  • Named non-owner coverage, which provides the policyholder with coverage even if they don’t own a vehicle
  • Snowmobile coverage insures your snowmobile on your auto policy
  • Trailer/camper body insures your trailer or small camper on your auto policy
  • Trip interruption covers your personal or business trip if a breakdown or accident interrupts it, so you don’t lose money on hotel reservations, airplane tickets, etc.

You’d typically use named driver exclusion if you forbid a family member, for instance, a teen, from driving one of the family vehicles, such as a sports car. Named non-owner coverage provides auto insurance for those who don’t own a car, but rent one frequently.

Customize Your Auto Policy

Contact Wilcoxon Insurance Inc. to customize your auto insurance. Why settle for basic auto coverage when you travel in and around Sioux Falls, SD? Get the coverage you need by adding endorsements to your policy.

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