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What is Renters Insurance and Why Do I Need it?

The Sioux Falls, SD area is continuously sprouting, proving to be a rich metro area in terms of population. As more people reside within this city, they will opt to rent a home as a better and more affordable option. Did you know that the homeowner’s policy held by your landlord is not financially liable for the protection of your belongings when unforeseen events strike in Sioux Falls, SD? Be wise and safeguard what you own, no matter little it seems. Don’t hesitate to speak to our agents at Wilcoxon Insurance Inc. to get renters’ insurance that matches your needs and lifestyle.

What is renters insurance?

It’s a form of property insurance that shields imminent losses to personal belongings and safeguards the insured against liability claims. These liability claims entail those happening in your rental and don’t culminate in a structural problem. Renters insurance safeguards anything from a studio apartment to an entire apartment. Investing in renters insurance is an absolute need for the following reasons:

Protect your personal belongings

Have you ever imagined what can transpire when your possessions get damaged in your rental house, forcing you to start from scratch? What happens when a covered peril like a fire strikes in your rented dwelling? Buying condo insurance in Sioux Falls SD can safeguard your personal property when unexpected eventualities strike.

Provides liability protection

Suppose electrical faults emerge in your rented apartment, triggering a fire that spreads to neighbouring rooms? Though this incident might be a result of an accident, it can land you with liability claims. Luckily, if you have invested in renters insurance, it kicks in and covers liability claims such as bodily injuries and property damage to third parties.

Provides additional living expenses coverage

This form of policy caters to additional expenses such as hotel bills when your rented apartment becomes uninhabitable after being ravaged by a covered peril. It settles excess spending you indulged in as your condo was being repaired.

Do you want to safeguard yourself and your personal property in Sioux Falls, SD? Its crystal clear that replacing your personal belongings attracts a substantial amount, which could prove to be an uphill task. Call or visit our Wilcoxon Insurance Inc. today and get more information about renters insurance.

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