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Store Your Motorcycle Safely During The Cooler Months

When the cooler months start to set in in South Dakota, you find yourself riding your motorcycle less and less until it becomes too cold to travel by bike alone. Even decked out in leather, it is not enough to keep the icy temperatures from shooting straight to the bone in your body. It is important to safely store your motorcycle during the cooler months when you are not going to be riding it. 

Keeping It Out Of The Elements

One of the most important things you can do for your bike when you are storing it away for winter is to keep it out of the elements by storing it inside a garage or storage facility. Keeping the ice and snow off of your bike will prevent rust and corrosion, which can damage your bike. 

Cover Your Bike

Even if you have your bike back into a corner in your garage, you still want to cover it with a large tarp to protect the bike’s exterior. These covers are meant to insulate the bike, keeping dirt and debris off of it as well as moisture. 

Lubricate Your Bike

Before you put your bike up for storage, make sure that all of the moving parts on your bike have been well lubricated so that they are safe from the dry air that comes when it cools off. 

Remove Weight Off Of The Tires

Once you decide it is time to put your bike up, it is essential to take all of the tires’ weight when you store the bike. This protects the tires and prevents flat spots when you ride your bike again in the spring. 

Do you need motorcycle insurance coverage in or around Sioux Falls, SD? If so, give our agents at Wilcoxon Insurance Inc. a call today for more information. 


3 Tips for Buy Homeowner’s Insurance in South Dakota

Sioux Fall, SD is a beautiful place to live. If you own a home here or are currently purchasing one, having a homeowner’s policy is a smart idea. In fact, it’s mandatory to have a policy if you mortgage your home. This is how the bank protects their investment. Even if you own your home outright, it’s still a good idea to secure a homeowner’s policy. You never know when something might happen, such as a fire, theft, or a liability accident. Are you ready to get started? Then read on to learn how to easily and affordably secure a homeowner’s insurance policy.

1. Compare Quotes

You’ll want to compare several quotes before choosing the right one. This is a good time to ask questions, take notes, and compare coverage vs. cost. A reputable agent from Wilcoxon Insurance Inc. can help you with this task. We recommend comparing three to five quotes to really understand the differences in coverage and cost. Remember that flood insurance is not included in a standard homeowner’s policy, so you may want to ask your insurance agent about this.

2. Bundle Policies

One way to save on your premiums is to bundle your homeowner’s policy with your other insurance policies. Consider bundling your auto, life, and any other policies you have. Then take that savings and add umbrella insurance to be protected to the maximum.

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

The reputable agents at Wilcoxon Insurance Inc. are standing by to answer all your questions about homeowner’s insurance. They will help you compare quotes and bundle your policies. To learn more, contact one of our friendly agents serving Sioux Falls, SD today. 

Why do I need renters insurance in South Dakota?

Sioux Falls, SD is a great place to live whether you are a homeowner or a renter. As a renter, you may feel safe thinking that your landlord or management company has your back and your insurance. That is only partially correct. Your personal belongings are not covered by any insurance on the apartment, condo, or house you are renting. At Wilcoxon Insurance Inc. in Sioux Falls, SD, we are a locally owned independent agency that provides personalized service to our customers. 

The insurance covering the building you rent only covers the things that come with the rental like the actual structure, the cabinets, doors, and appliances if they are included. Everything you bring in with you, your furniture, decor, and clothing will not be covered. If you don’t have renters insurance, you will have to replace everything yourself. That could be a real hardship. 

Imagine your furry friend gave someone a little nip, or one of your visitors slipped in your bathroom and got hurt. Renters insurance provides liability coverage to protect you from a legal judgment against you, medical bills, and legal costs. 

If your rental was hit by a covered hazard and was no longer habitable, where would you stay? With renters insurance, you would be able to stay in a hotel while you find a temporary rental to stay in until you can move back home. That would certainly give you peace of mind. 

When you are ready to discuss renters insurance at Wilcoxon Insurance Inc. in Sioux Falls, SD, we will be here to help you find a policy to fit your needs and your budget. Stop in and visit us at our office or give us a call to get answers to any questions you may have and a no-obligation quote. 

Three ways to learn more about your auto insurance options

Doing your research is vital for finding the best option for any insurance need. Auto insurance is no exception. Wilcoxon Insurance Inc. provides auto insurance policies for motorists in South Dakota.

If you’re looking for the right auto insurance solution, it’s essential to be aware of your options. The following are three great ways to learn about your auto insurance options in Sioux Falls, SD. 

The Internet

There is plenty of information online about auto insurance. You can use the internet to get quotes on various policies. You can also use the internet to research important insurance terms you need to understand. 

Auto insurance company representatives

Auto insurance companies have representatives available by phone and online to provide information about the policies they provide. If you have any questions about auto insurance, it’s a good idea to question a representative from an insurance provider that you are interested in purchasing coverage from.

It’s important to ask questions that you have before purchasing an auto insurance policy. Asking questions ensures that you fully understand the policy you’re getting. This helps you to make the right decision regarding your auto insurance coverage. 

Your state DMV

When you purchase auto insurance, it’s important to know what requirements are enforced in your state.

Every state sets its own requirements about what types of liability coverage you need in your policy. You could face penalties if you don’t carry an auto insurance policy that meets these requirements. 

Consult your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to familiarize yourself with what auto insurance requirements you need to meet in your state. 

You can visit our Wilcoxon Insurance Inc. website to explore auto insurance options in Sioux Falls, SD. Get in touch with us to learn more about your policy options. 

Why should I get motorcycle insurance in South Dakota?

When you are in the Sioux Falls, SD area, having a mode of transportation is vital. One type of vehicle that you should consider getting is a motorcycle. When you have a motorcycle, you will be able to enjoy the nice weather and can be quite efficient. If you do get a motorcycle here, it is imperative that you get insurance. There are several reasons why you should get a motorcycle insurance policy. 

Comply with State Laws

One of the reasons why someone will want to get a motorcycle insurance policy is so they can comply with state law. Similar to when you are operating any other vehicle on a public road in this state, you need to make sure you have liability insurance for your motorcycle at all times. This way, the state will know that you are able to pay for damages if you cause an accident. Those that are caught driving without this coverage could face severe penalties.

Protects Assets

Another important reason to get motorcycle insurance here is that it will protect your asset. Anyone that purchases a motorcycle is going to be making a significant investment. When you have a full motorcycle insurance policy, you are going to receive coverage for a wide range of issues that could cause a loss, including accident damage or theft.

Ultimately, getting a motorcycle insurance policy is a good idea for anyone in the Sioux Falls, SD area. If you are searching for a new policy here, you should call Wilcoxon Insurance, Inc. When you do call Wilcoxon Insurance, Inc. for your insurance needs, you can learn a lot more about all of your options. Our team will be able to assess your situation and help guide you into an excellent policy. 

Things that can go wrong with your home that insurance won’t cover

Owning a home in Sioux Falls, SD is something people aspire to accomplish. Homeownership is part of the American dream. When you own a home, you will need to carry home insurance if you have a mortgage to protect the lender’s investment in your home. Your home insurance also offers you, as the homeowner, lots of protection in the form of personal property and liability. But many things can go wrong with your home and it may not be covered by home insurance. It is crucial you know what these things are. At Wilcoxon Insurance, Inc., we use our years of experience to make your insurance experience positive and productive and give you the facts you need to make an educated decision. 

Many of the things that can go wrong with your home are the result of neglect. Mold, mildew, termites, and rodent infestations are all not covered. If you fail to replace your roof and it causes wood rot, this is not included. If your sewer backs up into your house or a sump pump fails, you are out of luck. If a sinkhole appears in your yard or under your home, it is not covered. Hurricane damage may be cover but always check, and floods and earthquakes are not included in your coverage. 

Reading your policy is one of the most important things that you can do to make sure you have all the coverage you need. Just because something is excluded from your policy doesn’t mean that you can’t get an endorsement to give you the coverage you need. Talking to the team at Wilcoxon Insurance, Inc. in Sioux Falls, SD can make all the difference when it comes to getting all the coverage you deserve. Give the office a call to make an appointment today. 

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